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Yogthulu is an extremely powerful, extra dimensional demonic entity with tremendous maleficent supernatural power.


Using the power of the Black Makluan Ring, Doctor Doom summons Yogthulu to his dimension. Doom offers him a deal. He wants Yogthulu to bring his family back to life in exchange for three pure souls that he has captured (Iron Man, Mandarin, and Howard Stark). Yogthulu has trapped them in his dimension and they try to fight him. But as he figures out that Mandarin is not a pure soul, Yogthulu declares his deal with Doom forfeit. Doom is angered by this and threatens to tear his realm apart, When the three get back to Earth, they thwart Doom and trap him in Yogthulu's dimension.


  • Demonic Powers: Yogthulu is an extremely powerful extra-dimensional demonic entity with tremendous magical powers. So far he has show the following abilities.
    • Immortality: He is immortal, potentially invulnerable and possibly unkillable.
    • Teleportation: He can use his supernatural power to teleport.
    • Resurrection: He can use his supernatural power to resurrect the dead back to life and intact.
    • Soul Sensing: He can also look into the soul of another person and see its purity or impurity.
    • Demonic Lightning: Yogthulu can also shoot lightning out of his mouth and eyes.
  • Bargaining: He is a capable bargainer and always keeps his end of the deal. If a deal is broken or cheated upon, he will not keep his end of the bargain.


  • The name 'Yogthulu' is a combination of the names from two Lovecraftian gods, Cthulhu and Yog Sothoth.