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Yellow Makluan Ring

The Yellow Makluan Ring is the fifth of the ten Makluan Rings.


This ring was found in Machu Picchu, Peru and was guarded by Fin Fang Foom. Tony, Pepper, and Gene Khan were trapped in its temple until they can solve the test of Sacrifice. Rhodey suddenly burst in inside his new War Machine Armor with the Iron Man armor. They tried to fight the guardian, but in the end, Gene passed the test by allowing himself to be eaten by the dragon. Inside its belly, his lost rings were reclaimed as well as the fifth ring. Mandarin now had five rings. He also froze the dragon in ice with this ring and crawled out.


  • Ice Generation: This ring has the ability to generate and manipulate all forms of ice and use it for freezing opponents.


  • The symbols on the ring are the character 巽 and the trigram ☴.

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