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Whiplash is the 5th episode of Iron Man: Armored Adventures.


Pepper's FBI father gets critically hurt on the job, while Tony creates a new armored suit, the "Silver Centurion Suit". Pepper's dad utters the word "Mr. Fix" while in the hospital, which leads Pepper running Mr. Fix through the FBI database. However, Mr. Fix notices this and sends armed men to take care of her, including his cybernetic henchman, Whiplash. After some running, and some help from Rhodes, Pepper gets saved by Iron Man, to which she finds out that Iron Man is actually Tony. Back at Rhodes' house, Whiplash attacks, and makes a hole in Rhodes' house. Pepper and Rhodes run while Iron Man fights, but fails. Mr. Fix orders Whiplash to go after Pepper, and does so. However, Iron Man comes back in his new Silver Centurion suit, and sends Whiplash into an electrical transformer, which explodes, leaving nothing but one of Whiplash's whips. Afterwards, the talkative Pepper decides that she will fight crime with Rhodey and Tony/Iron Man.

Major Events

  • Virgil Potts, Whiplash, and Mr. Fix make their first appearance.
  • Pepper discovers Iron Man's Identity.
  • Tony creates the Silver Centurion Armor