Wakanda is a nation located somewhere in Africa. It is the home of the Black Panther.


Wakanda has faced an attempted invasion, led by Moses Magnum. Its current king, T'Chaka, was killed and Magnum stole a piece of its vibranium from its repository. T'Chaka's son, T'Challa, was named the new king and had the duty of tracking him down and bringing him to justice.

In Line of Fire, Wakanda had a problem because Stark International and Hammer Multinational wanted to buy the blood vibrarium for themselves from T'Challa's ambassdor. When Black Panther finds out, he set his trip to America to tell people that Stark International has been involved in a Civil War between Uganda and Wakanda and that he will stop all. But the Black Knight comes to attack sent by Justin Hammer as bad luck but luckily stops him. When Pepper was on a date with Happy, then she saw Black Panther spying on a Stark International's employees and go inside the facility. When Iron Man came, Black Panther told the story about Stark International involving in war and finds the location of where the ambassdor is along with Hammer and Stark's employees. After the fight, the ambassdor gets caught by Black Panther and all of the people end up in S.H.I.E.L.D Arrest. In the end, Black Panther leaves to go back to Wakanda.

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