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Vital statistics
Species Human

Unicorn is an enforcer to the Maggia. He is voiced by Michael Daingerfield.


Originally, Unicorn and Killer Shrike were thugs and enforcers working for the Maggia. They made their first appearance when they kidnapped Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, and Gene Khan in order to send a message to Gene's stepfather, Zhang, the leader of the rival Tong organization. However, Tony escaped and defeated Unicorn and Killer Shrike as Iron Man; in the wake of said defeat, Killer Shrike and Unicorn were held captive and tortured by Khan, who had secretly taken the identity of the Mandarin from his stepfather. The Mandarin later returned Unicorn and Killer Shrike to the Maggia in order to initiate a truce negotiation between both organizations.

Later, Unicorn and Killer Shrike attempted to rob a Tong treasury building. When they both learned that the city would be destroyed by the bombs they had placed, they attempted to run for their lives, only to be dispatched by Gene as the Mandarin.

In Season two, when Iron Man once temporarily left town, Unicorn, Shrike, and the Maggia took advantage of his absence in town and robbed a diamond store, but their job was thwarted by War Machine, who fought and eventually defeated them.

Later on, under as yet unrevealed circumstances, Unicorn, Shrike and Whiplash entered employ under Justin Hammer. They guarded Iron Man at Hammer's ocean fortress while his armor was being removed. War Machine and Pepper, who was remote-controlling the Stealth Armor, arrived in the proverbial nick of time to put Tony's armor back on and recharge it. Unicorn showed off his suit's new improvements, beating on Iron Man, War Machine and Pepper until Iron man tripped him up and knocked him out with his rocket launchers.

Powers & Abilities


  • Powered Exoskeleton: Unicorn wears an armored exoskeleton which enhances his physical strength. His suit is later upgraded by Justin Hammer in Hostile Takeover. It gives him the following abilities:
    • Laser: He can fire a solid energy laser from his horn
    • Superhuman Speed: His upgraded suit enables him to run at fast speed. He employs to engage opponents in close combat, similar to a super-speed charging attack.


  • It is hinted that the energy output of Unicorn's Power Horn causes some form of brain damage, which may be responsible for - or add to - his irritable personality. This corresponds somewhat with his mainstream version, where he was driven (or already was) mentally very unstable.
  • Unicorn still has his forehead energy projector but his rockets that gave him the ability to fly doesn't seem to be part of his uniform.