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Iron Man

Anthony "Tony" Edward Stark, also known as Iron Man, is the main character in the series along with his best friends Pepper and Rhodey. Tony is voiced by the voice actor Adrian Petriw. Tony is the son of Howard and Maria Stark.


Tony Stark

Early Life

Tony Stark is the son of Howard and Maria Stark. Tony used to go to school like all other kids did, but when his mother passed away, his father decided to keep him close by. Staying isolated from school, Tony excelled in the corporate world, developing new technologies for Stark International, his father's company, to the point that scientists of the company were unable to figure out how Tony made most of his inventions actually work and why he did it so complicated. Tony has only one friend: James Rhodes, also known as Rhodey. Rhodey is the son of his father's lawyer, Roberta Rhodes.

Tony had just completed his two new inventions, a flying suit of armor of which he was convinced it would impress his father, and a laser system for his father's new Earth Mover machines, meant to help in archaeological digs and disaster relief. However, Obadiah Stane wanted to use the Earth Movers as weapons, which Howard Stark blatantly refused to allow due to his strong belief that "weapons never solve problems, they only create more." Returning by jet from the dig site where his father had been excavating Chinese ruins involving the Makluan Rings, which Howard believed to be an advanced form of technology, Tony was planning on showing him the new flight-capable armor he had developed. However, when he left the room where his father was in and was about to get the armor their plane blew up. Remarkably, Tony survived the crash by using the armor for protection, but it left him with severe damage to his chest and heart. Tony crawled to a box that contained suit of armor, saving his own life. After Tony managed to narrowly avoid death, the armor's autopilot took him to the house of Rhodey. Unfortunate, Howard died during the crash, at least that's what everyone believed because his body was nowhere to been found when investigators investigated the crash site.

Present Day

Six Months Later, Tony lives at the house of his best friend Rhodey. He finally returns to the public eye, but because of Howard's mysterious alleged death, Stane becomes CEO of Stark International. He has changed Stark International into a stiff company, with staff that are not allowed to show emotions. He also tries to keep Tony from any involvement in his "projects" (like the weaponizing of several innovations of Howard, including the Earth Movers). Tony is furious when he discovers this. On the pretense that his father wanted him to attend normal school and have a normal life, Tony accepts his new normal life, but only because it was his father's last wish. Tony can officially inherit the company once he turns eighteen and graduates from high school with his friends.

Tony finally arrives at the Tomorrow Academy with Rhodey, but he soon finds out that all the books and most of the advanced topics and computers out-of-date, according to Tony. But this is because Tony is smarter then any person in the world. There he also meets another student named Pepper Potts, who almost seems to have ADHD. She also reminds Tony multiple times of his life due to the fact that her father is an FBI agent who is looking into the alleged death of Tony's father. Tony hates it when she does this because it's a sensitive part of Tony's life. When the two first meet, Pepper tells Tony that she's sure that Obadiah Stane is responsible for the death of Tony's father.

After school, Tony tells Rhodey that he has to show Rhodey something and he runs away. Rhodey struggles to keep up. Rhodey follows Tony to the Stark compound near Rhodey's house, where he finds out that Tony has created a new lab inside the compound. Rhodey can't believe his eyes. Tony also shows Rhodey the armored suit that he created and that it's finally finished. Tony suits up and uses the suit to spy on Stane. Through a communication line, Rhodey tells Tony that there is a runaway train that is going to crash into the Stark Tower, and if it succeeds, hundreds of people inside the tower will be killed. Stark changes the train tracks to an unfinished rail and it threatens to crash into the crowd on the street. Tony manages to stop the train, almost draining all of his heart's power. The incident was reported all over the news. The people call the armored hero, "Iron Man."

Stark decides to save people because this is what his father would have wanted and also takes this as an opportunity to save Stark International from Stane and finding out what happened to his dad. He suspects that the Makluan Rings have something to do with the disappearance of his father and he dives into the story of the rings, which also befriends him with Gene Khan who knows a lot about it, and who is actually the stepson of the rings wielder the Mandarin, and he also eventually becomes the Mandarin himself by imprisoning his stepfather into the dungeons of the Mandarin's home base and taking the first Makluan ring by force from his stepfather. Gene eventually signs up for the Tommorrow Academy, Tony's school. He thinks that Tony can help him with getting all five Makluan rings without telling that he's the Mandarin.

Along the way, Iron Man must face evil villains like the ruthless Obadiah Stane (new CEO of Stark International), and the Mandarin who wields the great power of the Makluan Rings and will find them all to rule the world as he sees fit. He will also face lesser villains like the Maggia crime organization, Killer Shrike, Unicorn, Blizzard, Mr. Fix and his robotic assassin, Whiplash, the Crimson Dynamo, the Living Laser(who eventually becomes Tony's friend), an organization known as A.I.M., the Controller, Madame Masque, Ghost, MODOC, and Technovore.

Team Iron Man

He will eventually reveal his secret to Pepper. She calls their whole group "Team Iron Man."

Meeting the Mandarin

Iron Man or Tony, meets the Mandarin for the first time (and witnesses the power that the Makluan Rings contain) after he destroys the Earth Movers (his and his father's invention which Stane made a weapon of it). The Mandarin seeks the power of the ring that Stane took in possession after he became CEO of Stark International. Stane is easily beaten and gives the ring to the Mandarin without contradiction. Iron Man is also easily defeated by the combined power of two of the Mandarin's rings in his possession. After a brief battle, Tony decides to resume his father's search for the Makluan Rings, having seen what they are capable of (particularly in the wrong hands), and thinks that these rings have also something to do with the disappearance of his father.

As said earlier, Tony, by chance, befriends Gene Khan (the Mandarin's alter-ego), who attends the Tomorrow Academy because he thinks that Tony can help him gaining power of all rings, and Tony thinks that Gene can help him when he learns Gene can help him find the rest of the rings. Gene and the group search for the rings inside the Makluan Temples while facing their guardians, the Dreadknights, Ultimo, and Firebrand. Gene manages to get three rings while Tony eventually got his hands on the fourth ring.

Armor with the purpose to protect it's creator at all costs

Tony starts upgrading the Iron Man armor with super-villain tech that he came across as Iron Man. During a battle with an also-upgraded Whiplash, an impact from a fall changes the behavior of the suit. It begins watching Tony Stark. Soon, the armor detects Whiplash's energy signature. Tony puts on the armor and goes to spy on Mr. Fix and Whiplash without confrontation. But the armor takes over and breaks into Fix's lair. The armor easily overpowers both him and Whiplash even with Whiplash's new upgrade. The armor appears to have destroyed them and Fix's lair, along with them.

The armor knocks Rhodey unconscious as he is preparing to disassemble the armor, seeing him as a threat. The armor's primary directive is to protect Tony Stark, and to this end, it goes as far as to attempt permanently encasing Stark inside the armor, since he keeps looking for trouble. It attempts to kill Rhodey as it fires a laser beam from the repulsors, but Tony takes the blast, which does further damage to his heart. The armor, whose purpose is to protect its creator at all cost, sacrifices all of its power to save him.

Tales of Suspense

When Tony and his friends track down the fifth ring, he, Gene, and Pepper are captured by Zhang(Gene's stepfather who has taken all rings from Gene and now is the Mandarin again) and his men and they steal the fourth ring off Tony's finger. He and his men then travel to Macchu Pichu so Zhang can claim the fifth ring for himself. Zhang ends up retreating when the Temple of Sacrifice's guardian, Fin Fang Foom (a stone dragon), awakens and Zhang leaves the five rings behind. Pepper tries to pass the test by throwing the rings in the dragon's mouth, which really doesn't do anything except make their dilemma worse. Rhodey comes just in time in his new War Machine suit to deliver Stark's own armor. It's then Gene learns of his true identity as Iron Man, which is kind of ironic, considering the fact that Tony was against Pepper's suggestion to tell Gene that he is Iron Man in the first place, and then Tony makes a big, dramatic show of telling him very slowly and full of purpose and looking all proud about it that he's Iron Man.

Iron Man and Rhodey continue to battle the dragon, but they can't beat it by using brute force. Eventually, Gene passes the test by sacrificing himself for Pepper and being swallowed by the dragon. Inside the belly of the beast, Gene finds his four rings as well as the remaining fifth one, this discovery causes him to laugh maniacally. His friends are relieved to see him alive as he comes out of the now frozen dragon's mouth, but their victory is short-lived as Gene now reveals himself as the Mandarin. He takes down Rhodey, sending him flying into a solid stone wall, before fighting Iron Man. During the battle, Gene reveals that he was the one who blew up Tony and his father's jet and that Howard Stark is still alive. The battle ends with Gene knocking Tony out and teleporting himself to his mysteriously located underground lair. Tony has learned that his father is alive and he'll find him by finding Gene.

Iron Man Returns

Tony Stark returns home after a failed journey to China to search for Gene and Howard Stark. It is Tony Stark's 17th birthday. When he finds out that multibillionaire Justin Hammer is working together with Stark International, he suits up for the first time in months to spy on him, only to find a new and improved Whiplash trying to kidnap Hammer. He prevents the attempt and escapes. When he comes back to kidnap Obadiah Stane, Iron Man along with War Machine try to save him, but it only resulted in the Mark I armor blowing up and a badly injured Tony.

He was taken to the hospital and was saved by Dr. Yinsen. Stark is visited by Justin Hammer who tries to offer him to sell Stark International to him and make billions, but knowing that he will make weapons, Tony refuses to sell the company. Tony escapes the hospital and puts on his new Iron Man Armor Mark II to rescue Obadiah Stane. Iron Man and War Machine track his location and there they fight locked Whiplash, Mr. Fix, and Blizzard. Thanks to Iron Man's new suit, they both managed to defeat all of them and rescue Stane, but not before leaving him on an empty rooftop.

Iron Man now must deal with old and new enemies like Titanium Man, Iron Monger, Doctor Doom, Black Widow, Rhona Erwin (also called the Mad Thinker), Grim Reaper, Mallen, Magneto, his misguided future grandson Iron Man 2099, and new archvillains like Justin Hammer.

Armor Wars

When Iron Man was going back to the Armory from a night patrol, he carelessly let the Ghost follow him there. It was then he saw Tony take off his armor, revealing his identity. Stark is restrained and the Ghost stole his armor specifications and Iron Man's helmet from his terminal. Iron Man follows him and tries to stop him from selling the specs to his client, but The Ghost escapes and sells them to Obadiah Stane and Justin Hammer. When Tony goes after him, Ghost decided not to tell anyone his secret identity until he is old enough to run Stark International, when he is a more profitable target. Stark decides that his battle between Stane and Hammer has just turned into an all-out "war."

First, Obadiah Stane uses the specs to build the Guardsmen suits who he uses to discredit Iron Man, but Iron Man outsmarts them and defeated them.


Next, he suits up in the Stealth Armor and tries to delete Justin Hammer's specs and stumbles on to something called "Project: Titanium." It is an armored suit built by Hammer Multinational called Titanium Man. Hammer later uses the suit to attack Iron Man and War Machine. He critically damages War Machine and has Iron Man on the run. Tony suits up into his Mark II armor and War Machine is repaired. They both heat the Titanium Man suit to the point that the titanium plating would continue burning until it melts. Hammer flies it back to his office and meanwhile, Tony upgrades the Stealth armor's weapons systems for a more prepared fight.

Stark eventually goes on more missions to prevent the evil use of his armor specs which involves going up against Doctor Doom, monarch of Latveria and teaming up with the Black Widow and Hawkeye to steal back a Stark International UI chip from Hammer. During the latter mission, Tony found the last of the offline servers with details about his suit and destroys it, erasing the last of Hammer's Iron Man specs.

Soon, Tony finally loses his contained temper against Stane and unleashes his fury by busting into the military site where he was testing the enhanced Iron Monger mecha. Establishing his dominance over the man, Iron Man drops Stane from a high aerial point, but soon after a force field is activated to prevent harm from coming to Stane. Tony and Rhodey later discover footage of Stane making underhanded business arrangements with the Ghost to acquire the Iron Man armor specs, and turn it into the board, which consequently fires Stane. Ecstatic and proud at his achievement, Iron Man decides to upgrade the armor one last time following his decision to relinquish his role as the armored hero. Titanium Man approaches him to propose a partnership in order to destroy Obadiah Stane; of course, Iron Man refused the idea. After a heavy fight and beating Titanium Man, Iron Man heads through the city. As night begins to descend upon the light skies, a vengeful Obadiah orders the Iron Monger armor to kill Tony for depriving him of his position as CEO of Stark International. After attempting to crush Iron Man to death for revenge, Stane is placed into submission by his daughter, Whitney. However, the programming installed by Justin Hammer causes a reluctant Obadiah to viciously attack Iron Man and Whitney. The combined efforts of Iron Man and War Machine easily manage to send Titanium Man flying (presumably in Pennsylvania, as Tony joked in his calculations); however, Obadiah falls off a building ledge after the Iron Monger armor shuts down. Tony and his friends visit Obadiah in his hospital room to console Whitney, who angrily orders them to leave and swears vengeance upon him.

Mandarin Returns

During the Armor Wars, Tony eventually reencounters his old enemy, Gene Khan, the Mandarin, who needs his help to recover the eighth Makluan Ring. Tony refuses to help the guy who lied to him and betrayed him, but Gene uses the seventh ring's power of mind control to make him obey. They go to the eighth temple and face the temple's guardian, Grim Reaper. They eventually defeat it and Tony snaps out of his trance, but he fails to prevent Gene from acquiring the eighth ring and escaping.

Hostile Takeover

After a fight with Blizzard, Tony hears on television that Justin Hammer has bought Stark International. Tony becomes depressed. Roberta says that Hammer used a loophole to buy the company, but Tony is still entitled to inherit it, at least until Sasha comes to their doorstep to tell them otherwise and to notify them that his trust fund now belongs to Hammer (which means he can't use the money to build or repair his armors). Rhodey and Pepper suggest that Tony exposes Hammer as a criminal, just like he did with Stane. Iron Man listens in on a bait conversation to lead him to a suggested secret shipment at the docks. He arrives to be led into a trap by Killer Shrike, Whiplash, Unicorn, and Titanium Man. They pummel him to the point of unconsciousness and drag his armored body to Hammer's ocean retreat where Fix 2.0 shuts down his armor's lockdown mode to remove his armor. War Machine busts in but are bombarded with an artificial cosmic ray field, which hurts the person inside, but leaves the armor intact. He blasts through the field and distracts them while Pepper (who is controlling the Stealth Armor) re-armors Tony and recharges him. They all defeat the hired villains, while Justin Hammer runs to armor himself up. Titanium Man destroys the Stealth Armor and fights Iron Man and War Machine. They stop him with the cosmic ray blaster and he passes out. Tony considers killing Titanium Man out of anger, but Rhodey calms him down. Back at the Armory, Stark agrees to build an armored suit for Pepper and plans to build his own successful business to buy back Stark International. He agrees to name the company Stark Solutions.


When a fired agent named Mallen stole an experimental super-soldier serum called Extremis and took it, he transformed into a mutated human and started assaulting S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. When Iron Man shows up to stop him, the mutant mercilessly beats tony to near death. S.H.I.E.L.D. manages to drive the mutant off and they take Iron Man to the Helicarrier for medical treatment. They manage to save Tony's life and in doing so, they also found out his true identity. He was frustrated to learn that he has to retire as Iron Man for his general health. When he learns about the serum and a certain frozen hero in the Helicarrier. He used another serum and injects himself with a drop of it. As a result, his heart is fixed, and he gains enhanced physical abilities, and the ability to communicate with computers and machines all over the world, commanding what Tony wants, even his Iron Man suit. Tony goes back for a rematch against Mallen and used his new abilities to find an electric cable under the ground and uses it to electrocute Mallen into a coma. He receives a thanks from Nick Fury and Nick offers him a place on a "team" when he turns 18. Iron Man declines, saying that he is not really a team player.

Father and Son Reunited

When Mandarin and Howard Stark track the ninth temple down in Latveria, they find that the ring has been claimed by Doctor Doom. The Mandarin escapes and goes to Tony for help to rescue his father. He confiscates the Mandarin's rings but gives him one to teleport them to Castle Doom. They encounter Doom and fight him. Iron Man reluctantly gives Mandarin another ring to help defeat Doom, but it turns out to be a Doombot, a fake. They explore Castle Doom further and find Howard Stark in an energy cage, but are caught in Doom's trap. Doom reveals that he has tapped into the ninth ring's power to cause portals to other dimensions to appear all over Earth and invokes the entity called Yogthulu and offers him three pure souls (Iron Man, Mandarin, and Howard Stark) in exchange for bringing his family back to life. They are transported to another dimension, but when Yogthulu sees that Mandarin is not a "pure soul." He forfeits his deal with Doom. The Mandarin says to give him back his rings so he can teleport all of them back to Earth, Iron Man reluctantly complies after arguing for a moment. They go back to Castle Doom and fight Doom. Howard Stark causes a machine to electrify Doom, then Iron Man undoes the damage caused by the portals and then traps Doom in Yogthulu's dimension. The Mandarin takes back the ninth ring, he then closes every portal on Earth and then teleports away. Howard Stark is then taken home by Iron Man, however, Iron Man, who is actually Tony Stark, doesn't tell Howard that he is Iron Man. Howard is greeted by Roberta Rhodes and when Tony, Rhodey, and Pepper come in, Tony embraces his father's return. Howard plans to celebrate and tomorrow, they take back Stark International from Hammer.

The Hammer Falls

Tony's father decides to take back Stark International, meanwhile, Hammer has gone increasingly mad and paranoid over messages from an unknown competitor and has commissioned a special project that makes Z-Gas (Zombie Gas). Tony aside from his duty as Iron Man is with his father, trying to help him by tell him not to give up but he gets upset that Howard thinks that Iron Man tries to get the company, and Tony also tries to figure out the problems with Hammer's henchmen. When Tony encounters Killer Shrike and Unicorn, Unicorn gets badly wounded and Killer Shrike is sent to jail. Titanium Man captures Shrike and zombified him with the Z-Gas. War Machine and Iron Man found out and revealed their plan. They filmed the whole scene and broadcasted it to the world with the help of Fix, who revealed that he was behind the messages, as revenge for turning him into a digital freak. Tony and War Machine find out that Hammer is also Titanium Man and Justin unleashes a zombie gas bomb on the city. Luckily, Iron Man stops it with an incendiary bomb and saves Rhodey using Extremis to control Titanium Man. Iron Man throws him down into his office, but Fix, not through with Hammer tosses him into the Z-Gas chamber and zombifies him. In the end, Howard receives the company back and changes his opinion of Iron Man.

Facing the Mandarin

While in the armory searching for Gene and his rings, Rhodey brings in Pepper and tells her that there's a surprise waiting for her: A new armor for Pepper made by Tony. when she sees the new armor, Tony announces that Pepper is the new owner of the suit. Tony along with Rhodey want to leave the armory but Pepper suits up to take the armor on a test drive. Tony decides to join Pepper in the test drive along with Rhodey. During the test drive, the computer gives a warning of Gene and his rings in China, he along with Rhodey and Pepper have a conversation about how they are even gonna go there without their parents knowing where they are so lie that they have to prepare for Tony's 18th birthday party. Tony also discovers that his father is making a weapon and Tony is furious at what his father doing, leaving Howard worried about Tony. The three later leave to China but Tony is still angry. This changes when missiles are fired at them. They take down the missiles and Tony then uses Extremis to take down the jets. They arrive in China and inspect the temple, once inside, Gene arrives and fights Tony and Rhodey but Pepper. They push Gene into the ring chamber. When Gene sees the tenth ring, Tony gets worried. Then the Makluan guardian appears and Tony learns of Makluans(Reptile-like aliens who created the rings and he learns that the rings are some sort of highly advanced technology). When the Makluan discovers that Gene is unworthy, it fights Gene, but the three armors take out Gene and Makluan tests them as well, finding Pepper worthy but then, he is hit by lighting made by the Mandarin. After the Makluan evaporated and Mandarin claimed the tenth ring, Tony screams because the Mandarin won. Tony is almost killed by the Mandarin because of the power he wields but luckily Howard arrives right on time with his weapon and takes down the Mandarin for a while. When Howard tries to confront Gene, Gene feels failure and disappears. Tony then announces that the world is in "deep deep trouble." Howard also admits that he knows that Tony is Iron Man. Tony tries to refuse, but eventually admits it too and opens up his mask.

The Makluan Invasion

Back at the armory, Howard is surprised that Tony made his base inside the Makluan temple base. Tony then thanks his father for the information of the rings that led to everything that has happened. The computer then warns that an Makluan energy source is detected so Tony suits up along with Rhodey and Pepper at his side but Howard tries to tell him to calm. Tony is stubborn and leaves anyway. While facing the Mandarin, Tony and the others are defeated and they meet up with Nick Fury and Black Widow, just then Howard tells Tony of another Makluan energy source and they discover that it's a Makluan space ship entering the earth's atmosphere. They also discover that Gene is held captive by the Makluan king and that he now has the rings.

Team Iron Man is then teleported by the rings to the ship by the Makluan king and they are forced to join Gene to fight the greatest Makluan warriors. But the fight eventually appears to be just a warm-up. Then the Makluan king announces the champion of all Makluans and team Iron Man is forced to fight him as well, and they have no idea how to stop the powerful Makluan warrior. They soon find out that the hammer is the power source of the Makluan champion. Tony then puts the hammer into his force field while War Machine and Rescue shoot their unibeams to the Makluan's hammer and the champion itself. Then Tony uses his unibeam and takes down the Makluan champion.

Team Iron Man are again teleported back to Earth by the Makluan king and they again fight the Makluan forces. Once all the heroes united, along with the Black Panther, Tony has an idea to make two teams to take down the reactor core of the ship and take down the Makluan king. Team B's members are Tony, Pepper, Rhodey and the Hulk. Pepper want's to talk with Tony but Tony has no time and wants to talk with his father if he completed his canon to destroy the rings and the ship. He has and they decide to use the Stark satellite to destroy the ship. Once inside the Makluan ship, they successfully take down the forces and head to the king. The king demands to fight against Iron Man but the Hulk starts fighting the king, and is defeated. Tony has the canon with him and he used Extremis since Howard couldn't activate the canon and uses the canon to temporarily disable the rings making the king weak. Gene became once again the Mandarin and he shoots the king again. Gene teleports everyone out of the ship. Tony is left behind to defeat the king. But Tony has to get out of the ship because the Stark satellite is activated and is about to destroy the ship. When the ship explodes, Tony smashes into the ground, but seems to be okay as he stands up, although his helmet is gone which reveals to the world that Tony is Iron Man. The others also open up their masks, revealing their identity as well. Tony announces that the invasion is over. Pepper tries to talk to Tony again but got interrupted by Tony when he kissed her on the cheek and hugged her. Meanwhile, the Mandarin returns everything back to normal. In the end, Tony, Rhodey, and Pepper fly around in the city, that now knows the true identity of team Iron Man.


Tony Stark is serious, selfless, and has a no-nonsense attitude. He is also reckless, stubborn, and overconfident, like his comics counterpart. When referring to his abilities, he knows that he is the best, and every time he is proved wrong, he refuses to give up until he overcomes the difficulty. Tony has very little knowledge of social life and has problems interacting with normal people (mostly those who are not as smart as him).

Despite his "lone wolf" persona, Tony genuinely cares about his friends and is deeply concerned about their safety, which is why he always tries to do everything on his own and then ends up getting scolded by either Rhodey, Pepper, or both. He eventually learns to trust them to the point where he creates a suit of armor for Rhodey's exclusive use as his partner (War Machine) and for Pepper's exclusive use as his second partner (Rescue).

Tony has a tendency to trust the wrong people, who can easily fool him by playing on his emotions. The more tragic their story sounds (especially if topics such as revenge mostly on Obadiah Stane or family issues are brought up), the more Tony is willing to help, even if his friends opposed to the idea. His trust in people was shaken in Look into the Light, when he refused to help the now reformed Living Laser with a problem he has, thinking he'll just betray him, just like Gene Khan or Blizzard, but he came to his senses just in time.

It should be noted that Tony also has some anger issues, often snapping or yelling at friends, especially when things don't go his way. Tony doesn't cope very well when things don't go as planned (even though he is rarely, if not never, the person who came up with the plan in the first place).


James "Rhodey" Rhodes/War Machine

Rhodes is Tony's childhood best friend and is the son of his father's lawyer, Roberta Rhodes. He is the only person that knew about his double life as Iron Man from the very beginning. As Iron Man's systems operator, he aids Stark through a computer terminal at the Armory. At times, Rhodey is highly critical and protective of Tony when he does something stupid, but Rhodey has learned to tolerate his reckless behavior. He later dons the new War Machine armor in Tales of Suspense Part 1. Rhodey, Pepper, and Tony makeup Team Iron Man and become partners.

185px-Tumblr m7d6o9fniv1rr0x4wo1 500.jpg

Pepper Potts/Rescue


Tony is good friends with Pepper, even though she is hyperactive and incessantly chatty. When she asked why he never told her about his secret identity, Tony replied that she was never quiet long enough to tell her. It is hinted throughout the series that he might have feelings for Pepper beyond friendship especially since more of her attention has been focused on Gene. Often grumbling how she never escorted him out of the Stark Facility (forgetting the fact that he lives there) and happy at the fact that she starts talking to him again when he brought her up to the SHIELD Helicarrier. Tony shows signs of jealousy when Pepper starts dating Happy. Pepper begs Tony throughout the second season to build her an Iron Man armor, which he agrees to in Hostile Takeover.

In Dragonseed, Pepper got her new armor. In Makluan Invasion: Part 2, it was clearly shown that Tony did have feelings for her when he kissed her on the cheek in the end.

Gene Khan/Mandarin

In many ways, Tony Stark and Gene Khan are a lot alike, they're rich, trendy, powerful teens, and there's a lot more going on in their lives than anyone suspects. They first met when Tony came into his stepfather's import/export shop to speak to Zhang about the rings. Gene learned that he could help him find the Makluan Rings and he enrolled in his school to get close to him. They became best friends. They both didn't know each other's identities until the season finale, Tales of Suspense Part 2. It was then that Tony found out that Gene was the one who blew up the plane that he and his father were on and that Howard Stark is still alive somewhere. They broke their friendship after that. Tony now thinks of him as the "worst kind of evil" and a liar who will do anything to get what he wants.

Whitney Stane/Madame Masque

Whitney's and Tony's relationship with each other is complicated. Whitney Stane is the daughter of Tony's enemy, Obadiah Stane. Obadiah sent her to the Tomorrow Academy to spy on Tony, but she took the position to be close to Tony. When he found out of her true identity as Madame Masque as Iron Man he began to show sympathy for her. When the mask begins to have adverse effects on her, Tony has to heal her with ore from his "heart." This causes Whitney to forget everything from the past few months, and that she was ever Madame Masque. They begin going out in season two, but their relationship didn't work out thanks to Tony's superhero duties. Since Obadiah Stane was put in a coma, she blames him for his state and stops talking to him.

Happy Hogan

Happy Hogan is a classmate of Tony Stark. Happy would usually do favors for him in exchange for doing his homework for a month, stating that he's "getting the best grades of his life." They also have become friends.

Roberta Rhodes

Roberta Rhodes is Rhodey's mom and Howard Stark's lawyer. After Howard's disappearance, Roberta acted as a mother figure towards Tony. With his dad being gone she represents a voice of wisdom for young Tony Stark.

Obadiah Stane

Tony suspected that he blew up his dad's plane and that he did it to gain Stark International. Obadiah then used the company to make weapons, something that Howard or Tony would've never approved of. Tony was really angry at Stane for ruining his father's company and he wanted to take him down. Even though they are enemies, Obadiah cares about Tony in his own way. When he banned him from Stark International, he was going with Howard's wishes for Tony to have a normal life until he could take over Stark International at age 18. In Chasing Ghosts, when it looked like that he was the one who put the hit out on Tony, he was really tipping off the FBI about the attempted assassination. When he fell into a coma when he tried to kill Tony (whom he now knows is Iron Man) using Iron Monger, he visits him in the hospital, showing he actually feels bad for him.

Howard Stark

Tony looks up to his father and he idolizes him. He was devastated when he supposedly died in that plane crash. There was a time when he questioned his morality like when he found out that he used to make weapons, but then he was relieved to hear that he stopped his weapons production the day Tony was born. He was actually held prisoner by Gene Khan during the time of his absence. Tony Stark is overjoyed when Howard comes back into his life when Gene frees him but still didn't know Tony's secret identity as Iron Man. Howard discovered Tony is Iron Man in The Dragonseed.

Powers and Abilities


Extremis (serum): Tony has injected himself with a small dosage of the Extremis serum in the episode Extremis. As a result, his damaged heart was fixed, and he gained the following abilities:

  • Enhanced Biology: Tony has gained increased physical abilities, which include peak-level strength, enhanced physiological abilities, and improved reaction time. It also enhanced his intellect and mental computing abilities. Tony's enhancements gave him the ability to regenerate quickly. An example is when his severely damaged heart healed within a matter of a minute or less.
  • Cyberpathic Interfacing: Stark can mentally interface with digital technology and computers. His range of influence goes as far to satellites in orbit around the planet. He can even interface with his Iron Man armors, its components (letting him suit up without even touching the armor), and control its functions with his mind, allowing him to interface with its functions faster and more efficiently.

Iron Man Armor

Iron Man's current suit

Tony Stark usually employs his armored suit in the field. Stark used to use the Iron Man Armor Mark I, but after it was destroyed by Whiplash, he now uses his Mark II armor. While wearing it he has:

  • Superhuman Strength: The suit enhances his strength far beyond that of an ordinary man. Iron Man can lift massive weights like cars, train cars, steamrollers, and even an entire crane.
  • Iron Man's old suit

    Superhuman Speed:
    The armor is capable of moving and reacting at high speeds. After Stark took Extremis, his reaction time increased.
  • Enhanced Durability: His armor can take incredible amounts of punishment. He easily withstands bullets, low yield explosives, and extreme temperatures. He is now more durable than his old suit was in the past.
  • Flight: The armor hovers and flies through the use of jet thrusters in the boots and stabilizers on the back and hands of his armor.
  • Repulsor Gauntlets: The gauntlets have many functions:
    • Repulsors: His most iconic weaponry. They're concentrated energy beams that are fired from ports on the hands. They can also be emitted in the form of shockwaves or in a direct path to push away objects with great force. His new suit has even stronger repulsors.
    • Force Field: The armor can generate a force field that is extremely rigid. It can protect the user and others near him from harm. It also lets him force any object or energy away from him.The Mark II can now put a spherical force field around any target that the pilot chooses to.
    • Secondary Propulsion: It has a second jet propulsion system in his repulsor palms.
    • Flamethrowers: The Mark II armor has powerful flamethrowers in the wrists.
    • Sonic Disruptors: The gauntlets have sonic disruptors that can knock a person unconscious. They can also change to sonic cannons that can be used offensively on opponents.
      • Sonic Cannons: The disruptors can also change to sonic cannons to be used offensively on opponents to assault their hearing or to shatter diamond-hard crystals.
  • Unibeam: A powerful beam that is fired from the power source in the chest. It can overwhelm almost anything in its path. But, this function rapidly drains the power supply.
  • Rocket Launchers: His new suit has small, but powerful shoulder-mounted missile launchers.
  • Magnetic Manipulation: Iron Man can manipulate magnetic fields to move small metal objects.
  • Sensor Systems: The armor has advanced sensors that can detect any incoming danger, see the electromagnetic spectrum, and scan anything and anyone in sight.
  • Onboard Computer: An internal artificial intelligence operating system that provides strategies, background information on opponents, surroundings, the status of the suit, and warns the wearer of incoming danger or when he is being targeted by a weapon system. It can also hack into any form of computer.
  • Life Support: The armor can sustain its wearer for an indefinite amount of time.
  • Comm Systems: The suit has a built-in connection a secret communication line, allowing him to talk Rhodey and/or Pepper on the computer terminal in the Armory.


  • Genius-Level Intellect: Apart from his suit, Tony has a highly gifted intellect that specializes in hardware, computers, and his armored suits. Even the experts at Stark International never completely understood the technologies he designed there. Tony created his first Iron Man suit completely on his own (he mentioned that may have "out-genius" himself), memorized all of his school books on his second day of school, and found even the most advanced topics at the Tomorrow Academy to be out of date. In Ready, A.I.M., Fire, the Controller says that Stark's file mentions that he is smarter than the whole A.I.M. organization, which is one of the greatest think tanks in the world. Ever since he took Extremis, his inventive capacity has increased exponentially. He also knows how to think on his feet, coming up with solutions to get out of tough situations.
  • Vast Wealth: Tony Stark has access to a monetary trust established by his father, which he uses to build his armors and repair damaged ones. But since he is still a teenager, he receives it as a monthly allowance, at least until he turns 18 when he completely inherits it. Since Justin Hammer bought Stark International, this trust fund now belongs to Hammer Multinational, forcing him to rely on the profits from his own personal business, Stark Solutions. He gained it back again when his father returned and took back Stark International.
  • Skilled Fighter: Stark is a good melee fighter. He once stalemated the assassin Ghost without wearing his armor.
  • Indomitable Will: Stark possesses a very strong will. He never gives up, even in the worst situations. When his mechanical heart was damaged by the Iron Man Mark I's destruction, his will was strong enough to survive until it was fixed. His will was even strong enough to resist the hold of a Controller-Disk for a short time and recover from Mandarin's hypnotic ring.


  • Artificial Heart (Formerly): Following his near-fatal accident which resulted from the disappearance of his father, Tony was dependant on an artificial heart monitor which had to be recharged at unspecified intervals. After he took the Extremis serum, his heart was repaired and his monitor was no longer needed.


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  • Tony's locker at school has been modified by Tony at least twice in Cold War and Whiplash. The first time, he could open it with a remote control, and the second time, he installed a water jug dispenser. He mentioned that he wasn't using it for anything else, since he said that he memorized all of his books in Iron, Forged in Fire Part 2.
  • Tony mentioned in Secrets and Lies, that he has been kidnapped before. If that is true, it would fit in with his comic book origin where he was kidnapped and was forced to make the armor to escape.
  • A running gag in the show is Stark using the "I have to go to the bathroom" excuse to perform his superhero duties, a gag that is joked upon by some of the characters in the series.
  • Iron Man's nickname "Shellhead" has been mentioned by Nick Fury in the episode Fun With Lasers.
  • Tony Stark and Iron Man share many similarities between Peter Parker and his alter-ego, Spider-Man in the series. For one, Tony experiences drama and hardships in his life highly reminiscent of the ramifications Peter Parker bears. Another similarity is that Spider-Man is a heavy wisecracker (someone who cracks constant or frequent jokes in reference to others), something that Iron Man also imitates. Spider-Man does exist in the universe of Iron Man: Armored Adventures (he was mentioned by a Maggia thug in Iron Man 2099). By chronology, would most likely be much younger than Iron Man.
  • In The Hammer Falls, when Killer Shrike tells him he just wants to get away from him, Iron Man replied that he sounded like "one of my ex-girlfriends." This would fit his playboy persona that he is known for as an adult.
  • In Cold War Rhode says "Is that an armor with roller skates" this is similar to the original armor in Tales of Suspence.
  • Tony said multiple times throughout the series that he doesn't understand some of his father inventions. This would imply that Tony is currently less intelligent than his father.
  • The HUD color of the suits that Tony uses is different from the repulsor and unibeam color. This is not the case with War Machine or Rescue.
  • The Marvel universe and the subsequent character is from Earth 904913.

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