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Howard Stark in the space armor working on the satellite.

Tony Stark's Satellite was created by Tony Stark to monitor the world for active Makluan energy signatures.


Tony created a satellite to detect when the Mandarin was using any of his rings anywhere on the planet. He used his Space Armor to calibrate its settings and bring it online. It is noted that the satellite can only detect large bursts of Makulan energy. Small amounts will go ignored. Examples of noticeable amounts are teleportation or large energy blasts with a more powerful ring. In The Dragonseed, it detected Makluan energy, also the engineers of Stark International found and warned of the satellite to Howard Stark stating that it never launched in their records and it's part of the Stark company. In "The Makluan Invasion Part 2: Unite!" Howard Stark attaches the Makluan Energy Disruptor to the satellite in order to try to aim it on the Makluan Overlord.

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