Iron Man: Armored Adventures Wiki

Tony Stark's Digital Pod is a high tech cellphone/palm pod that comes with an earpiece. Tony Stark uses a remote control on his computer to get him anything he needs.


  • Works as a cellphone.
  • Can digitize his father's diary and all the notes inside it.
  • It has a tracking signal built into it in case Tony has been kidnapped, which he implies that it happens a lot.
  • Can get all kinds of media like music, TV, movies, and cable.
  • It allows him to listen to the news and police reports.
  • Can hack into a S.H.I.E.L.D. satellite to give Tony a geological scan of an area.
  • Has a flashlight built into it.
  • It can scan people.
  • Has the entire Chinese language uploaded so he can translate characters without his friend, Gene Khan's expertise.
  • It can activate the remote pilot on his armored suits.
  • Used as a monitoring screen for his B.U.G.S.


  • When his cellphone rings, the ringtone is the main background music for the show.