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Titanium vs. Iron is the 7th episode of season two of Iron Man: Armored Adventures.


When Justin Hammer finally acquiring specs from the Iron Man Armor by Ghost, he presents the weapon buyers, including Nick Fury, his new creation Titanium Man made by Fix. Tony infiltrates Justin's lab in his Stealth Armor and erases the armor specs data including 'Project Titanium' but almost failed to find out. The next day, Tony talks with Rhodey and Pepper about the 'Project: Titanium' then soon, gets a text stating Justin inviting him to dinner, when Tony arrives, Hammer shows paintings that cause him a lot then head to dinner, while Hammer ate well, Stark had slop, then Hammer reveals that Tony works for Stane, Tony told him back, Hammer then asked for Tony to work for him and give Stark International to Hammer, to which Tony made a deal and disagreed, then showing Pepper touching the holographic computer, while Tony tells her. While knowing Iron Man would come back, Hammer decided to wear the armor but Fix warned Hammer that the armor was not ready but he tells to do so and take the camera pods to record the moment being crushed. Iron Man (in his Stealth Armor) and War Machine later break into Hammer's place, Tony told Rhodes that he was going to delete the rest of the data but is caught by Titanium Man, who is actually Justin Hammer, and was in danger. War Machine tries to save him and they both escape, Iron Man jump-starts the War Machine armor but his power's drained in the process causing him to evacuate, after Titanium Man crushed the armor, he searched for the wearer, finding him but War Machine saves him again while Tony awaits for Pepper to remotely bring the suit to his location and suits up, together they both defeat him. Mr. Fix tried warn Justin about his armor not being ready, but furious, he ignites the nano-bots inside him, killing and uploading him into his software.



  • Moon Knight is mentioned in this episode when Pepper calls Ghost a "cheap Moon Knight knockoff."