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Technovore is an artificially intelligent virus made by Tony Stark that uploaded into nanobots and is created to consume technology into itself.


Tony Stark created the Technovore virus in Seeing Red to consume the data on the Iron Man and Crimson Dynamo armors in Project Pegasus's systems to prevent Obadiah Stane from obtaining them. The virus was supposed to burn itself out once it has consumed all the data, but to preserve itself, it uploaded into Project Pegasus's nanobot project while saying only one word, "Consume".

In Technovore, it had formed the nanotechnology into a body and was running loose in the Project Pegasus complex, assimilating whatever technology it could get its hands on. Rhodey went into the Pegasus facility to check out a disturbance only to run into Technovore. When it got ahold of Rhodey's earpiece, it called Tony so it could absorb the Iron Man armor. After Anton Harchov, who was hiding inside the building fled, Iron Man arrived. After exhausting every option, Tony activated the armor's self-destruct, abandoned the armor, and ran. The explosion destroyed Technovore. Meanwhile somewhere in Russia, Anton Harchov left a plane. But unknown to him, a microscopic cell of Technovore's nanomite body still remained inside the fabric of his coat.


  • Assimilation: Technovore can absorb technology into itself, adding the abilities of consumed technology into its physical being. It has absorbed a hands-free cellphone, and an Iron Man repulsor gauntlet.
  • Adaptation: Technovore's inherent resilience is augmented by an ability to adapt to weapons; over time, it will become immune to a given weapon if struck by it enough times.
  • Nanite Body: Technovore's body is made entirely of nanobots. It can disassemble itself into a stream of nanites, enabling it to fit into (and travel through) extremely small spaces, including the air vents of Project Pegasus. Each nanite carries a copy of the entire viral personality, and it is implied that the whole entity can reconstruct itself from a single unit.


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  • Technovore's abilities to assimulate data and technology as well as its ability to live on in even smallest piece of its body are similar to DC's Brainiac. Also, its abilities to adapt and evolve (as well as the concept that its body is made of nanotechnology) are similar to DC's Amazo.
  • Technovore's design include elements that are quite reminiscent of Ultron.
  • The name Technovore is combination of technology and the suffix vore, which comes from the word vorous (feeding on a specified food), so the name Technovore means eater of technology, which is highly appropriate as this is exactly what it does.