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Team Iron Man

Team Iron Man is a team name made up by Pepper that is used to refer to Tony Stark and his friends who know his secret identity. This is usually James Rhodes and Pepper Potts. Gene Khan, also known as the Mandarin, was an unofficial part of the group and secretly, their enemy, until he discovered Tony's identity in the season one finale, which then he betrayed them all and severed their friendships.After Gene Khan's betrayal, Team Iron Man still remains as a team.

Originally, Tony was solo in the hero act. However, in the Season 1 finale, he is joined by Rhodey, as War Machine. Iron Man and War Machine team up in many of Season 2's battles. Pepper is shown to replace Rhodey in the Armory terminal to monitor both heroes. A few mentions of Pepper getting her own armor are made, but it wasn't until the episode Hostile Takeover that she not only gets to don the Stealth Armor, but it's also when Tony agreed to make Pepper her own armor. In Dragonseed, Pepper, sporting the new Rescue armor, finally takes her place with Tony and Rhodey as they head out for China to find Mandarin.

In the season 2 finale, after they defeated the alien force aided by the other heroes, their secret identities were revealed in front of everyone even their parents.

After that, when the three were flying around New York, Tony hopes that it stays that way after their secret ID were exposed.

Notable Members

Team Iron Man armored up

Original and Current Members 

Unofficial Members

  • Gene Khan/Mandarin - betrayed them all; enemy to Team Iron Man, mostly to Tony. Now a temporary member.

Supporting/Temporary Members

Team Iron Man with their parents