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Tales of Suspense Part 1 is the 25th episode of Iron Man: Armored Adventures.


Tony, Pepper, Rhodey, and Gene, are at the library doing research on the rings, later after Tony, Pepper, and Gene leave, Gene is ambushed back in his lair by none other than Zhang, who takes the rings. Meanwhile, Rhodey finds the location of the last ring and calls Tony, who is having a talk regarding if they should find the last ring. As every time they do find a ring, the Mandarin takes it, and if he gets the last one, he will achieve ultimate power.

Just as he starts to talk to Rhodey, The Tong's troops arrive with Zhang, who takes the fourth ring from Tony and takes both him and Pepper hostage. Zhang then has his troops use explosives to destroy the abandoned Stark facility, and unknowingly the Armory (where Tony keeps all his armors).

Pepper and Tony also find Gene in the helicopter and try to reassure him that things will turn out alright. while Gene relives that his stepfather is the Mandarin, though he lies and says that Zhang played him for a fool. Rhodey works his way into the destroyed Armory where some of the other armors' cores have started to overload and explode. He finds a new armor called War Machine Tony just finished and takes the Mark 01 with him.

In the ancient city of Machu Picchu, Tony and Gene are forced to take the fifth test while Zhang holds Pepper hostage. When they do, a huge dragon statue comes to life and Fin Fang Foom is unleashed, forcing Tony and Gene to run for their lives. Meanwhile, Rhodey plans to go into orbit and re-enter the atmosphere to reach Tony faster, however the War Machine Armor stops functioning in space, and he is stranded... TO BE CONTINUED.