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Stark International

Stark International, also known as Stark Industries, is a billion-dollar multinational company owned by Howard Stark. About half of the company's innovations were made by Howard Stark's son, Tony Stark.


Before Tony was born, Stark International focused on weapons for the military, after Tony's birth, Howard gave up making weapons and focused on helping people. After Howard Stark "died" in a plane crash, Obadiah Stane becomes CEO of Stark International and faced difficulties along the way. In Cold War, it is revealed that Blizzard used to work for Stark International until an accident caused by Obadiah Stane left him "deformed and destroyed". In Designed Only For Chaos, Roberta Rhodes revealed to Tony that Stark International used to make weapons until Howard Stark stopped their production when Tony was born. When Obadiah Stane fell into his coma, Justin Hammer has bought and taken over Stark International, eliminating Tony's right to inherit it when he turns eighteen.

Since Justin Hammer bought Stark International, it has started to slip in profits (probably because Hammer takes every other day off from work). After The Hammer Falls, Howard and Roberta (with the assistance of Iron Man) take back Stark International when Justin Hammer is turned into a zombie and there was no one else to run the company.


In the past, Stark International made weapons. But after Tony was born, Howard remade Stark International into a technology company that develops and manufactures many advanced technologies that are made to help people.


Stark International's technology is highly advanced, though inferior to Iron Man's technology. They have Earth Movers, holographic interfacing systems, clean power sources, and floating security drones that shoot lasers and communicate with people. Their known products include the Stark Pod, a highly advanced cellphone similar to Tony's own pod with a holographic interface.

They can build advanced weapons that could pose a challenge for Iron Man. Since acquiring the Iron Man armor specs, they now have the ability to produce armored battlesuits like the Guardsmen (Force, Shockwave, and Firepower armors) or the giant Iron Monger mecha. Their weapons manufacturing division has been shut down since Howard Stark took back control.


The company's headquarters is a tall building in New York City called Stark Tower. It has over 83 floors and a train track connected to it.


  • Testing Grounds: This is where Stane tests out new weapons.
  • A storage facility in the Arctic for housing Kylight.
  • Howard's first lab (which has been given to the head of radioactive technology, when he retired).
  • Stark Labs (shown in Line of Fire)




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