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Silver Centurion Armor.

Silver Centurion Armor is a variation of the Iron Man suit.


This armor made its first appearance in Whiplash. Tony was concerned about where his enemies get their high tech weapons so he began building another suit, one that's more powerful. When the villain Whiplash threatened his friends and easily took down his standard suit, he put his new armor on and engaged him. The battle played out with both Tony and Whiplash evenly matched. He had trouble at first, but Iron Man won by blasting Whiplash into a power station that blew up his robotic arm.

It was later seen in Don't Worry, Be Happy when Stark lowered it from his armory to retrieve his armor that was abandoned.


The Silver Centurion armor is stronger and more powerful than the standard armor. Its capabilities are:

  • Superhuman Strength: The Silver Centurion is equipped with larger gauntlets to increase the armor's own strength.
  • Enhanced Durability: The suit protects against damage and it could better withstand Whiplash's electric whips without getting its circuits fried.
  • Flight: It flies through the use of boot jet thrusters.
  • Repulsors: Its repulsors are stronger than the standard armor.
  • Unibeam: The unibeam is much more powerful than the standard armor.


  • This version of armor was never named the first and only time it was actually used. But from the coloring, it's obvious what the armor is supposed to be.
  • It appears that he attached the Thermal Gauntlets to the Silver Centurion Armor.


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