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Seeing Red is the 11th episode of Iron Man: Armored Adventures.


Rhodey becomes concerned over Tony's plans to increasingly weaponize the Iron Man armor using reverse engineered captured tech. Obadiah Stane offers to bail out Anton Harkov and Project Pegasus in return for the Crimson Dynamo armor which is upgraded to capture Iron Man, resulting in a pitched battle in the middle of the city that leaves Stane furious at the reckless endangerment of innocent lives. Having lost the battle and fallen unconscious, Tony is brought to Project Pegasus. Harkov and Stane then begin to analyze the Iron Man armor. With the help of Rhodey and Pepper, Tony manages to escape, only to return in the Dynamo Buster armor. He then uses a virus called 'Technovore' to destroy Pegasus' advanced AI Delphi, both to defeat the Dynamo and prevent Stane from acquiring detailed technical data on Iron Man. Tony is excited that he finally defeat one of his enemies, saying that what they need to win is better tech, weapons, and to stay ahead. Rhodey, on the other hand, reminds Tony that there is a line between good and evil, and that he just came close to crossing it. Though successful, there is an unexpected consequence, back at Project Pegasus having consumed all available data, the Technovore is close to burning itself out just as Tony planned. When Obadiah Stane is informed by his secretary that Anton Harkov is on the other line, Obadiah has her tell Anton Harkov that the offer is rescinded. But unknown to Tony one of Pegasus' projects were computer-controlled nano-mites. Using the connection Technovore takes control of the Nano-mites abandoning the computer, it forms a body and says one word "Consume".



  • The Owl has a verbal cameo as the school's mascot "Leland the Owl".


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