Repulsor Gauntlet

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The Repulsor Gauntlet is a special component of the Iron Man Armor. Variations of the gauntlets are first seen in Cold War.


  • Repulsors: These are concentrated energy beams or blasts that are emitted from the ports on the palms. They are based on the principles of magnetism. They could also be projected as shockwaves or in a direct path to force away enemies and objects. 
  • Force Field: They can emit an energy shield to cover and protect the user and others near him from attack. They could also be expanded into a shockwave to push away objects. This is the very function that saved Tony Stark from dying in the plane crash that gave him his heart condition. The Mark II gauntlet can now form a force field around any targeted person or object from a distance.
  • Secondary Propulsion: The gauntlets have a second set of jets that come from the ports.
  • Energy Absorption: They can absorb energy directly from the power cores of machines.
  • Sonic Disruptors: These have been adapted from the Arctic Armor. These disruptors can emit sonic waves that can knock a person unconscious or deflect missiles. They can be changed to sonic cannons to assault a person's hearing or shatter diamond-hard crystals.

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