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Zhang wearing the purple ring.

The Purple Makluan Ring is the first of the ten Makluan Rings.


The purple ring was guarded by Jin Ying (mother of Gene Khan) until her son's coming of age and it had no test. But Gene's stepfather, Zhang, stole it and Gene's mother mysteriously disappeared (though it mildly implies that she was killed).

In the present time, 16-year old Gene Khan took it back, imprisoned Zhang and used it to steal the second ring from Obadiah Stane. Gene also used it to help him find the rest of the Makluan Rings.


  • Long-distance Teleportation: This ring allows the Mandarin to teleport instantly to any location, be it to the other side of a room or to the other side of the planet. The rest of the rings increase its range and distance, they can even allow Mandarin to teleport out of another dimension.
  • Energy Control & Manipulation: It also gives him power over all forms of pure energy. The Mandarin can use this for vacuum explosions and barriers. It can also create gravity powerful enough to pin a man to the ground. This ring can generate intense lightning bolts when enhanced by the other rings.


  • Mandarin Armor: The ring doesn't just have powers, it can also summon the Mandarin Armor to the Mandarin's needs.


  • The symbols on the ring are the character 震 and the trigram ☳. The same as the 10th Pink Ring.
  • Primarily worn on Gene's right Index Ring.

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