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The Pink Makluan Ring is the tenth and final of the ten Makluan Rings.


The Pink Ring was hidden in the Makluan temple in China. Gene Khan found and entered the temple alone (This is the first and only time Gene doesn't have Tony or Howard Stark help him find a makluan temple). Two days later, Iron Man, War Machine, and Rescue (Pepper Potts' new hero identity) detected his energy and followed him. Mandarin fights them and is accidentally blasted into the ring chamber. In the chamber, Gene meets a Makluan, an alien of the same race that created the Makluan Rings. He explains that Gene has the dragonseed inside him and that he is not worthy of the rings, because of the darkness in his heart. Furious, he fights the Makluan and manages to pin him down. The armored trio tried to assist the Makluan, but in the end, Mandarin wins and claims the tenth ring at last. The combination of all ten rings, gives him ultimate power. In the end, he teleports away, planning to enforce his will on the whole world.


  • Control of Life: It has the power to manipulate life. While its full power is unknown this may include controlling living beings, mutating organisms, creating living beings, and even resurrecting the dead. If so, it is possible the original Mandarin used this power to create the Makluan Temple guardians.


  • The symbols on the ring are the character 震 and the trigram ☳. The same as the first Purple Ring.

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