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The Makluan are a reptilian alien race. They are a much older race than humans, at least countless billions older. They were the ones who created the Makluan Rings. They come from a world named Maklu-4.


The Makluans have forged the Makluan Rings for their overlord from the heart of the very first star. The rings were used to conquer and destroy countless alien worlds. This was their way for thousands of years. When the overlord was feasting in his palace, a Makluan stole the rings and ran from him. He was hunted for what seemed like ages, until he landed on Earth when it's history was still young. He found a man, called Khan. He was noble, strong, and wise, and worthy enough to be trusted with the rings. The Makluan bestowed upon him, the Dragonseed. This altered his DNA, allowing him to use the Makluan Rings, this man became the very first Mandarin.

In his old age, Khan was tired of his children who wished to use the rings in most unworthy ways, so he hid them and the Makluan placed himself in stasis, waiting for the one who would find the tenth ring. Khan's last descendant, Gene Khan, found the temple and awakened the Makluan, who sees the darkness inside him and decides that he is far from worthy. Angered by this, he attacks the Makluan and eventually manages to hurt him. Gene eventually injures him so badly that he evaporates. Then, Gene takes the tenth ring, completing his quest. With all ten rings in his possession, he attains godhood and casts off his mortality.


Makluans are strong and highly durable, able to shrug off weak attacks. They also have telepathic abilities that allow them to peer into the minds of other lifeforms. They also have long lifespans that allows them to live for thousands of years and not even appear aged.


Their technology is more advanced than anything on Earth. The Makluans are able to use it to repeatedly conquer entire worlds or destroy them.

They have starships, energy weapons, giant mech robots, and teleportation technology. They are also responsible for creating the Makluan Rings and the Ultimo robots.

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