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The Makluan is an alien and the guardian of the tenth ring.


The Makluan Guardian emerging from his chamber in the 10th temple.

He was found in the tenth ring temple, awaiting for one that was able to locate the other nine rings and come looking for the tenth ring. Once Gene found the ring, a door and stairway opened on a large sphere and the Makluan descended and then told them the true story about Gene's ancestors, the rings, and his story.

After the story, the Makluan figured out that Gene had darkness in him so he couldn't be worthy to wear the ring and Gene started a fight with the Makluan and kept fighting it. When the heroes stopped Gene, the Makluan tested them by going into their heads and found Pepper worthy. The Mandarin continued to fight and when Gene used his full power, he took the Makluan down and made him evaporate. Gene then retrieved the tenth ring.


The Makluan Guardian telepathicaly communicating with Gene.

The Makluan has the ability to peer into the minds of lifeforms and sense their true character. He also has inhuman physical strength and stamina that allows him to endure great levels of trauma.

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