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Killer Shrike

Killer Shrike is an enforcer for the Maggia crime syndicate. He voiced by Ty Olsson.


In Secrets and Lies, he, along with Unicorn, kidnaps Gene Khan, Pepper Potts, and Tony Stark in order to send a message to Xin Zhang (Gene's stepfather) and the rival Tong organization. However, Tony manages to turn into Iron Man and defeats Killer Shrike by breaking his wrist blasters. At the end of the episode, he and Unicorn are held captive and tortured by Gene as the Mandarin. He later returns Killer Shrike and Unicorn to the Maggia in Pepper, Interrupted.

In Don't Worry, Be Happy, Shrike and Unicorn break into a treasury vault belonging to the Tong using bombs made by Mr. Fix. When he and Unicorn learn that the bombs are gonna destroy the city, they cowardly run out of the building. After, they are cornered by the Mandarin.

In The Invincible Iron Man Part 1: Disassembled, Shrike and Unicorn rob a gem warehouse with their fellow Maggia. They were about to leave when War Machine shows up and stops all of them after a brief fight.

Shrike appears under Justin Hammer's employ with other villains to capture Iron Man to take his armor for Hammer. He travels to Hammer's ocean fortress to watch the armor being taken off. He and Unicorn have a little fight and are stopped by Justin. War Machine bursts inside and distracts the other villains so Pepper (who is controlling the Stealth Armor) can fix and recharge the armor around Tony. Pepper knocks him out with her repulsors.

In The Hammer Falls, Killer Shrike is being transferred to a high facility jail and he is captured by Justin Hammer, or Titanium Man, and eventually was turned into a zombie. Also, Hammer was turned into a zombie himself, and transferred to SHIELD.

Powers and Abilities



  • Flight
  • Able to shoot destructive laser-like energy pulses


  • Powered Exoskeleton: Killer Shrike wears a powered exoskeleton that enhances his strength, endurance, and agility.
    • Wrist Blasters: They have two functions.
      • Flight: It has an anti-gravity generator that allows him to fly.
      • Lasers: He can shoot destructive lasers with them.


  • Aside from retaining the color scheme of yellow and blue, Killer Shrike's design is very different from his comic book counterpart's own.