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Original teleporting Mandarin

The first Mandarin.

The Original Mandarin, known only as Khan, is the first Mandarin and the first Part-Makluan on Earth.


Over a thousand years ago, a man known only as "Khan" was a savior in his homeland. The Makluan found Khan as the person who is worthy to wear the Makluan Rings of Power, so he put the dragonseed in Khan's DNA that made him recognize the rings' power and the power reached out to him and he became known as the Mandarin. With his unstoppable might, he conquered everything that he saw and grew his dynasty.

However, after that he wanted someone who he could give his rings to when he died. But, his many children were unworthy of them. So he scattered them to the four corners of the globe and created hidden temples and tests to measure the worthiness of those who would seek them.

Powers and Abilities


  • Makluan Rings: Khan was the first owner of all ten rings. With them he wields godlike power and can do anything, including having power over reality itself.
  • Dragonseed: When a Makluan gave Khan the Dragonseed, it made him part-Makluan. The dragonseed allowed the Mandarin to wear and use the rings' powers.


  • None known


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