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Jean Grey

Jean Grey, who also goes by the alias Annie Claremont, is a mutant with telekinetic and telepathic abilities. She is voiced by Venus Terzo.


Jean is a mutant who was being hunted by Magneto for her substantial mental powers, which he intended to utilize in his war against mankind. To keep her family safe, Jean fled from her Colorado home, though Magneto always managed to track her down due to her unique magnetic signature.

Eventually, Jean transferred to the Tomorrow Academy under the name of "Annie Claremont" while searching for a special academy for mutants in the near area. When a school bully harassed her, she accidentally used her mutant abilities to drive him off. Tony, Rhodes, and Pepper bore witness to this, and the three of them gradually befriended her. In turn, Jean put her trust into them and revealed that through her telepathic power she had found out that Tony and Rhodes were Iron Man and War Machine, respectively.

Right after revelations were made, Magneto burst in on them and kidnapped Jean despite Iron Man's efforts. Magneto planned to have Jean kill Senator Kelly, an anti-mutant politician, by telekinetically giving him a cardiac arrest, threatening to annihilate her family if she didn't comply. When in the end Jean refused to go through with it, Magneto assaulted her, but Iron Man, now prepared with a new force field, and War Machine engaged him in combat. During the battle, Jean saved Kelly's life and also brought down Magneto with her telepathic powers once his protective helmet was removed. When Kelly afterwards still attempted to denounce her as a monster, Iron Man told him off for his lack of gratitude, and under the booing of his formerly adoring supporters, Kelly left town rather hastily. Soon afterwards, Jean was personally approached by the headmaster of the mutant academy she had been looking for, who invited her into his institute.


Jean Grey is a mutant who has great psychic abilities including:

  • Telepathy: Jean can sense and manipulate the thoughts of others. She can read minds, communicate with them, control minds, put a person to sleep, and have a heightened sense of her surroundings.
  • Telekinesis: Jean can move and manipulate physical objects with her mind, including cars and rubble.


  • Venus Terzo reprises her role as Jean Grey from the X-Men: Evolution animated series, as does Dale Wilson for Senator Kelly.
  • Jean's cover name Annie Claremont is derived from Chris Claremont, a prominent story writer for the original X-Men comics, and Annie Richardson, a figure from the comics whose death in an accident first triggered a juvenile Jean's telepathic powers.
  • In the comics, Jean is associated with a group of mutants called the X-Men.