Hostile Takeover

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Hostile Takeover is the 15th episode of season two for Iron Man: Armored Adventures.


During Iron Man's fight with Blizzard, Justin Hammer manages to buy Stark International much to the disappointment of Tony Stark. As Iron Man, Tony plans to expose Justin Hammer's true nature. This won't be easy since he'll have to go through Killer Shrike, Unicorn, Whiplash, and even Titanium Man to do so. In the end, even through Hammer owns Stark International, Tony Stark finally has decided to create his own company called Stark Solutions.



  • At the beginning of the episode, Blizzard travels by creating "ice slides" to ride on which are almost identical to Iceman.
  • When Justin Hammer bombards War Machine with artificial cosmic waves, the possible effects he suggests (hardening like a statue, bursting into flames, melting into a puddle of goo, or vanishing into thin air) are clearly a nod to the Fantastic Four.
  • The introduction of Pepper's armored alter ego Rescue is held out in prospect.
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