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Holographic Disguise Mask

The Holographic Disguise Mask is an invention designed by Howard Stark, but was locked in his vault because it was too dangerous to use.


After Obadiah Stane cleaned out the vault, the mask was stolen by Whitney Stane, his daughter and used it to become the criminal known as Madame Masque. But the metal used to make it had given Whitney a terrible sickness and caused her to see everyone as Obadiah Stane as seen in the episode Best Served Cold.

Whitney donned the mask again when her father was put into a coma and she started to recover from her memory loss from Best Served Cold. It drove her over the edge and made her think about nothing but revenge against Tony Stark.


  • The mask can scan a person and create a hard-lined holographic image of that person around the wearer (including the Iron Man Armor, but not the person inside it). This likeness is so real, even Iron Man's computer couldn't tell the difference.
  • Can duplicate the target's voice.
  • Has camouflage abilities that make the user invisible.
  • It seems to alter the height of the person who is wearing it, as in "Iron Monger Lives" Madame Masque is changing sizes when she is changing into different people to spite Tony.
  • The mask allows the wearer to see through Ghost's invisibility camoflauge.

List of Disguises & Users

This is a list of people the mask has copied and these are the people that used the mask:




  • It appears that the mask's poisoning effects doesn't work on people who have used it only once, because Rhodey used it once in the episode Chasing Ghosts to imitate Tony Stark.
  • In the original Iron Man Comics, the mask was made out of Gold, and was used to cover Whitney Frost's scars from an earlier accident. The mask had no special abillities however, though because it was made of Gold it could deflect bullets.

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