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Heavy Mettle is the 13th episode of season two.


After the events involving the Iron Monger armor, Obadiah Stane begins to have it mass-produced. With footage discovered by Tony Stark and Roberta Rhodes which involved his deal with Ghost, Obadiah Stane is fired by the Chairman of the Board. Unfortunately, a comment from Tony accidentally reveals Iron Man's real identity to Obadiah.



  • General Thunderbolt Ross is introduced. Ross buys the vibranium-adamantium alloy coated Iron Monger robot as "part of the biggest military contract in history."
  • Stark mentions that there are "other heroes" when he decides to retire from being Iron Man. These other heroes are not specifically identified.
  • This episode is the mid-season finale. New episodes restart on February 29, 2012 – Nicktoons.