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Happy Hogan

Harold "Happy" Hogan is a classmate at the Tomorrow Academy. He is voiced by Alistair Abell.


Happy is a tall, unintelligent jock at Tony's school who is a fan of Iron Man, who he thinks is a robot and a friend of Gene Khan, calling him "The Khan". He will usually help with anything Tony asks of him, as long as he will do his homework for a month. Once stating, "I'm getting the best grades of my life". It is shown he is at the Tomorrow Academy because of a sport's scholarship.

In Don't Worry, Be Happy, he finds and puts on the Iron Man Armor and wants adventure. He thinks Tony is a robot and calls him robot which is the running gag of the episode. He and Tony Stark stop the bombs Killer Shrike and Unicorn got from Mr. Fix to steal money from a Tong treasury building, where ironically he was able to save the entire city by simply breaking the bomb in half. At the end of the episode, he tells his friends that he saved the city by beating up the villains that crossed his path.

In an order to make Tony jealous, Pepper starts dating Happy in Line of Fire. Though he is completely unaware of this, he seems to actually try to be a good "boyfriend" to Pepper.

Powers and Abilities


Happy Hogan is a normal human with no superhuman powers. He is an athlete which earned him an athletic scholarship to the Tomorrow Academy. He also has some knowledge in music, due to his mother being a concert cellist.

When he used the Iron Man armor in an episode in season one, he proved to be a skilled operator, capable of flying and fighting opponents with unbelievable skill. He even fought the remote control terminal and beat it by spinning in the air.



  • In the comics, Happy is Tony's chauffeur and occasional bodyguard who got his nickname because he never smiled, which is the exact opposite in this universe where he is always laughing. Also, something in his genetic make up caused him to mutate into a monster called the Freak whenever he was exposed to cobalt.
  • Happy knows how to sleep with his eyes open.
  • His mother is a concert cellist.
  • Happy called Tony Iron bot.