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Hammer Multinational is Justin Hammer's personal business empire. It consists of Electronica Fabrizzi and Roxxon Oiland Transcorp.


Since Howard Stark's disappearance, Hammer Multinational has become the most powerful weapons dealer in the world, surpassing Stark International. Hammer Multinational has recently bought Stark International. It was latter reclaimed by Howard Stark when Justin Hammer got turned into a zombie with his own z-gas.

Its main headquarters is a large 100-story tower in New York which also serves as the luxurious living quarters of Justin Hammer.


The technology level of Hammer Multinational is equal, perhaps better, to Stark International. They have hologram technology, containment fields, weapons that shoot artificial cosmic rays and defenses that are capable of jamming Iron Man's comm line. Their security includes laser traps, and floating combat drones armed with laser weapons.

Since they have acquired Iron Man's armor specs, Hammer Multinational has the ability to create advanced suits of armor, like Titanium Man or the SHIELD Mandroid robots.


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  • Hammer Multinational also owns Roxxon Oil.

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