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The Guardsmen are armor users hired by Obadiah Stane to discredit Iron Man.


They first appeared where they beat Iron Man to a crane accident. Force and Shockwave then stop Count Nefaria and his Maggia forces from robbing a bank before Iron Man could get there. Force and Shockwave then fight Count Nefaria who takes them down causing Iron Man to defeat Count Nefaria. Force and Shockwave then snitch on Obadiah Stane's plans to mass-produced the Guardsmen armor. Iron Man uses the Negator Packs on them, causing the crowd to drive him away. Obadiah Stane then makes a public service announcement for the Guardsmen planning to take down Iron Man and the upcoming Guardsmen Expo Center. Iron Man learns later that the Guardsmen caused the disasters for them to thwart, and that the armor pilots were former Maggia members. When the day of the Guardsmen Expo comes, Firepower is introduced as the latest Guardsmen. Iron Man appears and ends up forcing the Guardsmen to reveal their identities upon hacking their screen. This causes the three Guardsmen to attack Iron Man. The Negator Packs thrown on them don't work on them this time as Iron Man saves a reporter and her cameraman. The three Guardsmen end up overwhelming Iron Man until War Machine appears. Iron Man deactivates Firepower while Force and Shockwave surrender. Obadiah Stane later made a televised appearance stating that he had no idea that the three wearing the Guardsmen armor were criminals using fake identities.


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