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Firepower (also known as Jack Taggert) is a Guardsmen member who was hired by Obadiah Stane.


At the Stark International Guardsmen Expo, Firepower is introduced as the third Guardsmen who's armor was made from the designs of the Hulkbuster Armor. After Iron Man hacks into the television revealing Force and Shockwave's identities, the armored criminals end up attacking him. Iron Man manages to take down Firepower by tearing out the armor's motor cables, deactivating it.

He and the other two were presumed to be back in prison.


Firepower Armor: Firepower wears a battlesuit based off of Iron Man's Hulkbuster Armor only with a dark brown/dark red color scheme. It provides him with the following abilities:

  • Superhuman Strength: The armor's strength is far greater than Iron Man's.
  • Immense Durability: It gives the wearer immense durability.
  • Flight: The armor was never seen flying, but it is a strong possibility that it can.
  • Force Field: Firepower's armor can generate a force field that can block even Iron Man's unibeam or War Machine's rocket barrages.
  • Weapons: It is equipped with powerful weapons like:
    • Shoulder Cannons: The armor has retractable cannons that shoot laser beams and Gatling guns.
    • Missile Launchers: It has missile launchers in the waist.
    • Terminax Missile: The armor has a Terminax missile mounted on its back. Stane says it has enough power to destroy a city block.