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Don't Worry, Be Happy is the 22nd episode of Iron Man: Armored Adventures.


During a trip to the mall, Whitney, Gene, Pepper, and Happy, end up following Iron Man, until he crashes. There, they find an empty suit. The story then goes back to twenty minutes earlier in the Armory, where Tony convinces Rhodey to take the Iron Man suit for a spin. He crashes it, where he abandons the suit. While he is gone, the rest of their friends find it. Happy, craving adventure, puts on the suit, and instantly starts flying. Happy talks to Tony through the suit, who he believes is a computer program. After a failed attempt to take control of the armor, and convince Happy to take it off, Tony again attempts to take control, only for Happy to crash into one of the Tong organization's treasury buildings, much to Gene's dismay.

There, he finds Unicorn and Killer Shrike arming explosives to a vault door. Gene leaves the girls to handle the situation as the Mandarin, while Whitney becomes Madame Masque to try and slow the police, leaving Pepper all alone. Happy surprisingly handles himself well against Killer Shrike and Unicorn, even when the "Ninjas" (the Tong's troops) show up and attack both sides. Gene seeing the fight decides to let Happy beat on Unicorn and Killer Shrike then plans to follow Happy back to whoever Iron Man really is. Gene goes so far as to prevent further Tong from overwhelming Happy by blasting the archway, raining rubble down on incoming Tong reinforcements. However, the Tong see the Mandarin and the doubt that has already been brewing against Gene Khan increases.

Unicorn and Killer Shrike convince Happy to stop attacking them for a cut of the profit. Tony, however, finds that the bombs they are using increase in power the more of them there are, and the number of bombs they're using will cause an explosion that will destroy the city. Tony projects his voice through the armor, and informs Unicorn and Shrike that the city will be destroyed. The revelation along with the severe beating they were handed causes them to run. Meanwhile, Whitney disguised as Gene gets Pepper out of the building, while Happy tries to defuse the bomb. When it is about to go off, Happy breaks it in half which stops the countdown.

Tony convinces Happy to get out of the armor, telling him it has taken extensive damage and will soon explode. Tony gets the armor and Happy later tells his friends about his exciting adventure as Iron Man. Which he describes as having "beat up", all of the bad guys that came his way.

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