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The Seventh Ring (Left side)

The Crimson Red Makluan Ring is the seventh ring of the Makluan Rings.


This Makluan Ring was found by Gene Khan and Howard Stark and was claimed by Gene by defeating its guardian, the Sunturion.


Psionic Abilities: The ring can increase the Mandarin's own mental power.

  • Hypnotism: He can place one or more people under his mental control and cloud their minds.
  • Clairvoyance: The ring can access all hidden knowledge.
  • Heightened Awareness: This gives the user advanced awareness of his surroundings, which is how Gene Khan found Rescue when she was in stealth mode.
  • Knowledge Transference: This ring can transfer knowledge from the user's mind to others. This can be used to replay memories to another person.


  • The symbols on the ring are the character 乾 and the trigram ☰.
  • In use, the ring's hypnotic abilities have a similar appearance to the Sharingan bloodline from the anime/manga series Naruto.

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