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The Crimson Dynamo

The Crimson Dynamo is a title carried by people who have piloted the Crimson Dynamo Armor.


Ivan Vanko

The first Crimson Dynamo appears in the episode Iron Man vs the Crimson Dynamo and was piloted by a Russian cosmonaut named Ivan Vanko, Vanko was an astronaut stranded in space in very close orbit to the sun for two years. He crashlanded on a bridge and took a beeline for the Project Pegasus headquarters, after several failed attempts from Iron Man to stop him, he paid a visit to Project Pegasus to find out Vanko's reason for targeting the building. A scientist named Anton Harchov told him the story of leaving him in space, and that Vanko was out for revenge. While breaking through the building Vanko reveals one of the causes of his anger is that Harchov "took my family away from me." Pepper then does a search for Vanko's family. One last attempt by Iron Man to save Harchov allows Pepper enough time to bring in Vanko's family. After seeing his family, he abandons his attempts for revenge. He is taken away in an ambulance so he can get help.


In Seeing Red, Obadiah Stane offers Anton Harchov funding for Project Pegasus in exchange for updating on the Crimson Dynamo armor. O'Brian (Obadiah's head of security) is sent in the Crimson Dynamo armor to capture Iron Man. Even though he is successful, Iron Man manages to get away and comes back in his own Dynamo armor and creates the Technovore virus to erase Project Pegasus's systems and malfunction the Crimson Dynamo armor. O'Brian ejects and then Iron Man destroys it with the unibeam.

Crimson Dynamo 3.0

This Crimson Dynamo unit was unmanned and was easily destroyed by the Iron Monger robotic mech during its field test in Enter: Iron Monger.


  • The Crimson Dynamo 3.0 fought unmanned Iron Man Armors. This is similar to the Iron Man comic: "Enter  The Crimson Dynamo.
  • His armor have similities with tesla soldier from Command and Conquer Red Alert 3


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