Black Makluan Ring

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The Black Makluan' Ring' is the ninth of the ten Makluan Rings. It was guarded by the Grey Gargoyle and was originally found by Doctor Doom.

The ring's dark force power


This ring was found in the ninth temple inside of Latveria. Doctor Doom defeated its guardian and claimed the ring. He later used it to upgrade his armor, making even more powerful than the Iron Man Armor Mark II. He later used it for several years. When Gene Khan and Howard Stark found out about Doom and the ring, they were beaten by Doom. Gene escaped and asked Iron Man for help, and they went to Castle Doom. Doom reveals that he has tapped into the powers of the ring, and conjures portals to trade Iron Man, Mandarin, and Howard Stark to the demon, Yogthulu, in exchange for the return of his slain family. The deal was forfeit since Mandarin is not a "pure soul", and Doom promised three pure souls. The three teleport back to Castle Doom and fight him. They manage to undo the tearing of reality and trap Doom in Yogthulu's dimension. Mandarin takes the ring, closes all of the portals, and teleports away.

Powers and Abilities

  • Darkforce Control & Manipulation: This ring is the strongest and most powerful of all the Makluan Rings. It can do many things, including, controlling, manipulating and unleashing darkforce energy and opening portals to other dimensions and can also open wormholes and even tear reality. This one ring alone could stand against the Mandarin, who had eight of his rings, and Iron Man fighting together.

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