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Black Knight

The Black Knight is a supervillain and an enforcer for the Maggia.


Black Knight is part of the Maggia faction led by Count Nefaria. When Black Knight is ordered to kill Pepper Potts, Iron Man intervenes. Black Knight ends up fighting Iron Man and ends up defeated. When the police arrive, Black Knight and Count Nefaria are arrested along with the other Maggia troops that didn't escape.

In the episode Line of Fire, Justin Hammer calls in Black Knight to deal with the Black Panther who has been disrupting Hammer Multinational's Vibranium smuggling operation form Wakanda. Black Knight attacks Black Panther at his press conference at the Wakandan Embassy. Black Knight knocks Black Panther off his hover cycle only for him to be saved by Iron Man. When Iron Man is shot down, Black Panther manages to damage Black Knight's hover cycle causing Black Knight to retreat. Black Knight and Nakea (who wanted revenge for what Black Panther did to her brother) meet up with a Stark International operative named Rykland until Black Panther and Iron Man arrive. Iron Man ends up fighting Black Knight and defeating him. Black Knight, Nakea, and those involved are arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D. and transported to the Vault prison.

When Titanium Man starts taking out supervillains that used to work for Hammer's secret criminal empire, Black Knight tried to run out of town when he dropped Whiplash in a car compactor. Iron Man tried to catch him and pinned him down, but Black Knight took out his sword and pushed him into the street where he almost got hit by a truck. The Black Knight manages to escape Iron Man.

Powers & Abilities


  • Superpowered Exoskeleton: Black Knight wears high tech knight armored exoskeleton. It greatly strengthens and enhances his strength, projects energy bolts, and creates a knight-like energy shield on his arm. His shield can also be used to reflect energy attacks.
  • Hover Steed: He uses a hover-cycle to fly. The hover cycle has rocket launchers and can be controlled remotely.
  • Power Lance: His lance can project tremendously strong energy waves and lightning bolts.
  • Energized Sword: Knight has a hidden sword in a holster on his suit that can slice through anything.



  • The Black Knight never talks and when he does talk, all the viewer hears is muttering sounds.
  • The Black Knight is the villainous Nathan Garrett version, but sports the costume and physical appearance of Dane Whitman, the heroic Black Knight (as well as Garrett's nephew).