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Arctic Armor

The Arctic Armor is a variation of the Iron Man suit.


Tony used his Arctic Armor in Best Served Cold. When Whitney caught a fatal illness from her mask, Tony used his Arctic Armor to go the Arctic Circle and find an abandoned Stark International outpost that has a mineral that he needs to make an antidote. But when Obadiah Stane used the villain Blizzard to retrieve it, he had other plans. Blizzard ambushed Iron Man, destroyed the only sample of ore, and left Iron Man for dead. However, Iron Man survived and started fighting Blizzard and a horribly delusional Whitney in her Madame Masque uniform. Blizzard was dispatched by Iron Man and he knocked out Obadiah Stane before Masque could kill him. Whitney was knocked out by him also and with the ore sample gone, Tony used the metal in his artificial heart to save her life. Later, both Tony and Whitney are shown to be alive and well.

The sonic disruptors inside the Arctic Armor were adapted and installed inside the gauntlets of the Iron Man Armor Mark II.


The Arctic Armor was designed with greater life support functions and generally resists freezing temperatures.

  • Superhuman Strength: The Arctic Armor grants its wearer superhuman strength.
  • Enhanced Durability: It provides protection against attacks and it generally resists freezing temperatures, even being completely encased in ice.
  • Flight: It is equipped for long-range flight but is said to not be as fast as the standard suit, requiring Tony to divert all power to the propulsion systems when he needs to get somewhere quickly.
  • Repulsor Gauntlets: The repulsor gauntlets' functions are:
    • Repulsors: They can project thermal energy.
    • Energy Shield: Iron Man can generate an energy shield to defend against stronger attacks.
    • Sonic Disruptors: The gauntlets have sonic wave devices can project a sonic pulse that can knock someone unconscious with a headache.
  • Unibeam: The unibeam can project a devastating beam out of thermal energy. It also has an arc light to serve as a flashlight in dark areas.
  • Heat Wave: The armor can faintly glow red and melt ice around it when it is frozen inside it.
  • Life Support: The Arctic Armor has greater life support functions. The wearer can withstand freezing temperatures and being encased in ice.


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  • Its specs were used in the Mandroids.
  • Like in the comics, the Arctic suit has only been used once (not including flashbacks).