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Anton Harchov

Anton Harchov is a highly ranked Russian scientist that works for Project Pegasus. He is voiced by Richard Newman.


Two years ago, He and Project Pegasus developed the Crimson Dynamo Armor and used it to study the surface of the sun. Harchov was forced to abandon his friend, Ivan Vanko, in orbit around the sun when a solar flare threatened the station Prometheus I. In the present day, Vanko returned to Earth looking for revenge on Harchov. But he was stopped thanks to Iron Man and the return of Vanko's family.

In Seeing Red, Obadiah Stane offered Anton funding for research in exchange for the Crimson Dynamo armor so he can capture Iron Man. After the Crimson Dynamo captures Iron Man and he is brought to Project Pegasus, he runs a scan on the armor. When Pepper causes a diversion by shutting the power down to activate the emergency power, Anton stays with the armor while the Crimson Dynamo heads out to investigate. Iron Man knocks down Anton and leaves with Pepper. Obadiah demanded all the data they gathered upon hearing this. After Iron Man uploads the Technovore virus and all the data is gone, Obadiah has his secretary tell Anton that his offer is rescinded.

In Technovore, Harchov is hiding from Technovore and runs into Rhodey, who is investigating the disturbance. After seeing the monster, Harchov makes a run for it. Meanwhile, somewhere in Russia, Harchov leaves a plane, unaware there is still a cell of Technovore's body somewhere in the fabric of his coat.

Powers and Abilities


  • Scientist


  • Harchov is pronounced "Har-koff".
  • Harchov's own cowardice practically outweighs any morality he has, if any. He agreed to capture Iron Man for Obadiah Stane in exchange for funding, despite the fact that Iron Man risked his life trying save him from Ivan Vanko.

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